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Bighorn Veterinary Service

13545 US Highway 285
Pine, CO 80470



Our office staff is FULLY vaccinated for COVID-19!

For the foreseeable future, we will be following the listed guidelines based on current scientific evidence:

  • We are continuing with additional time blocks in between appointments to allow for extra cleaning and disinfecting of the exam and waiting rooms.
  • We have implemented a medication pickup and sample drop off box on the outside of our clinic. Upgrades to this well-received addition are coming soon.
  • Based on recent CDC research, infection and spreading of the SARS-CoV-2 virus by vaccinated individuals is unlikely. Therefore, our facility is mask optional. If a client would prefer we mask up, please let us know and we will be happy to comply.
  • We request that if you are exhibiting any respiratory symptoms at this time to please call us from outside, at 303-838-8715, prior to coming into the clinic so we can serve your needs appropriately.  We have precautionary, alternative options in place to service your pet(s).

For the protection of our clients and staff we are asking clients to adhere to the following protocol when visiting our clinic:

  1.   When you arrive, please enter the clinic at the time of your appointment, not prior.   
  2.   We are limiting the number of client/family members accompanying their pets to two persons per visit.
  3.   A staff member will handle your pet for the duration of the exam to maximize social distancing.
  4.   Until further notice, our clinic will restrict personal contact such as handshakes. 
  5.   Extended consultations, when needed, may take place by telephone. 
  6.   Please call our office to schedule appointments, versus in-person scheduling.

Telemedicine for clients suffering from respiratory ailments (or other diseases) or those concerned with exposure to COVID-19 is now available. Click on the Medici link below to download the app and contact our office for an activation code.